Thursday, June 30, 2011

Deep Freeze Standard v. Mediafire Free Download link

Deep Freeze Standard v. Mediafire Free Download link

Deep Freeze Standard v. | 29 MB

Faronics Deep Freeze makes computer configurations indestructible and prevents against unwanted workstation changes√ɹregardless of whether they are accidental or malicious. Deep Freeze is proven to reduce helpdesk support incidents and allows IT personnel to focus on more strategic IT needs. Reduce Support Costs

With its reboot to restore technology, Faronics Deep Freeze offers the strongest protection available and eliminates the need for IT professionals to reconfigure, re-image, or troubleshoot computers, reducing support incidents by up to 63%.

Faronics Deep Freeze makes computers indestructible and prevents against workstation damage. It does this by ensuring each and every desktop, laptop, and server always remain in the same perfect original operating state. Deep Freeze ensures 100% workstation recovery on every restart and is the only solution that effectively balances workstation security with user productivity. A bulletproof computer is your best defense against unwanted or unwelcome changes.






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